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Sun Roots Inc Tree Save money of Life Seattle Mall Cross Charm with S Necklace Pendant

Sun Roots Inc Tree of Life Necklace Pendant Charm with Cross S


Sun Roots Inc Tree of Life Necklace Pendant Charm with Cross S


Product description

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Sun Roots Inc Tree of Life Necklace Pendant Charm with Cross S

Welcome to Romantic Germany - Rhineland‑Palatinate!

Due to the flood disaster, the region of Ahrtal is currently affected by severe flooding and its consequences. As a result, many places have been flooded and are not accessible. Hiking and cycling trails are in many cases impassable. Please avoid the respective areas. All other regions and cities are accessible without restrictions and are not affected by the flood. We look forward to your visit and holiday there!

Please check further information here.

Rhineland‑Palatinate is a real treasure trove in the west of Germany, with mystical wild lakes, unique sweeping views across the gently undulating low mountain range, valleys carved deep into the ancient rocks of the Rhenish Massif, sparkling rivers and streams, powerful variegated sandstone towers, extinct volcanoes and gentle grasslands that set the scene for wonderful adventures. The raw ingredients from which our committed wine-makers, farmers and chefs conjure up fine wines and delicious specialities flourish in sun-drenched vineyards and fertile fields. Everyone you meet has a real zest for life. The hospitality of the people of Rhineland‑Palatinate is best enjoyed at the lively wine festivals or numerous welcoming pubs and restaurants serving up delicious typical regional food and outstanding wines.


Whether you are looking for the perfect active outdoor holiday, a family holiday or new discoveries, or you fancy a simple hike or just pampering yourself for a bit, we have put together an exciting combination of trails, sights, places to eat and accommodation to suit your specific requirements.


Unser Ursprung. Dein Reiseziel. Schatzkammer Rheinland-Pfalz

Was macht Rheinland-Pfalz so besonders? Es sind jene ursprünglichen Landschaftsbilder mit malerischen Wäldern, steilen Weinbergen und sonnengebadeten Flusstälern, die über Jahrtausende durch Naturgewalten geformt wurden. Es sind auch die fesselnde Kulturgeschichte und die bemerkenswerten Persönlichkeiten, die hier wirkten. Sei es bei einer ausgedehnten Wanderung entlang wilder Seeufer oder einem Streifzug durch die historische Mainzer Innenstadt, überall findest du inspirierende Spuren.
Trailer | Unser Ursprung. Dein Reiseziel.
Video: Rheinland-Pfalz erleben
Follow in the footsteps of brave knights to proud castles and pretty noblewomen in the fairy-tale castles of Rhineland‑Palatinate. Travel back in time to the mystical places of yore, places steeped in myth and legend. Discover impressive witnesses to the times of the Roman, medieval and even modern emperors and kings on selected walking, bicycle or day trips.

Places of longing await you!

Emser Therme
Photo: Dominik Ketz, Quelle: Rheinland-Pfalz Tourismus GmbH

Active in the countryside

Cycle and hike amid sun-drenched vineyards, through biodiverse forests in the low range mountains, enjoying regional delicacies and soaking up the culture. The 10 different regions in Rhineland‑Palatinate offer an exciting mixture for a perfect active holiday in the countryside. These are our suggestions for you.

Family fun and adventure

Swinging swords like a Roman general or strutting in the armour of a robber baron are just two of the adventures children can enjoy on a family holiday in Rhineland‑Palatinate. Discover castles in the footsteps of knights, enjoy action, fun and excitement in the adventure parks or get within touching distance of the local wildlife; our region is perfect for active families, adventurers and nature-lovers. The brave can attempt the Geierlay suspension bridge swinging 100 metres above the valley.
Photo: Dominik Ketz, Rheinland-Pfalz Tourismus GmbH
We have put together a few of the best excursions for families in Rhineland‑Palatinate so you can make exciting discoveries of your own.
45 entries |
updated February 27, 2020

In unserem Familienabenteuer Rheinland-Pfalz begebt ihr euch auf eine ganz besondere Reise: In einer interaktiven Geschichte lernt ihr Rheinland-Pfalz auf spielerische Weise kennen. Dabei habt ihr ...

Rheinland-Pfalz Tourismus GmbH
16 entries |
updated April 20, 2021

We are proud to present you the best hikes for discoverer families in Rhineland-Palatinate. Discover and enjoy!

Rheinland-Pfalz Tourismus GmbH
45 entries |
updated October 28, 2020

Here we show you the most beautiful destinations for families in Rhineland-Palatinate and invite you on an exciting journey of discovery. Have you always wanted to see how the damsels lived on the ...

Rheinland-Pfalz Tourismus GmbH
13 entries |
updated September 07, 2021

Entlang der tief in das Urgestein der rheinland-pfälzischen Mittelgebirge eingekerbten Täler mit ihren glitzernden Flüssen und Bächen schlängeln sich gut beschilderte Radwege. Auch die Höhen der ...

Rheinland-Pfalz Tourismus GmbH

A hiking challenge

Our 13 loveliest long-distance hiking trails and some 200 certified short and circular routes promise top-quality walking on carefully selected routes in Rhineland‑Palatinate. They lead through mystic forests and deep river valleys, past vineyards of varying steepness, lofty castles, massive cliffs and long-extinct volcanoes.

Relax and enjoy culture and nature

Enjoy gentle walks along excellently signposted official routes or relaxing bike rides through meandering river valleys and along disused railway lines over the heights of the low range mountains, enjoying the wonderful views along the way. Nearly all 10 regions of Rhineland‑Palatinate offer perfect opportunities to enjoy the countryside. Treat yourself afterwards and enjoy some typical Rhineland‑Palatinate hospitality in a cosy wine bar serving typical regional food and outstanding wines.

Great bike tours and walks with bus or train connections in Rhineland‑Palatinate

Rhineland‑Palatinate has an extensive network of train and bus routes, enabling you to reach our scenic tours in an eco-friendly and convenient manner, without having to use your car.  We have put together 10 delightful walks and 10 great bike tours with train connections, as well as 13 exciting bike tours that can be reached with the RadBus (bike bus) shuttles, all in Rhineland‑Palatinate.

You can travel to the various destinations in Rhineland‑Palatinate, including Mainz, Trier and Koblenz, from anywhere in Germany in relaxed comfort, avoiding traffic jams and using 100% green electricity. Once there, regional transport will take you to our holiday regions – convenient, without fuss and eco-friendly. You can plan your journey to each tour directly. Further information on tickets, baggage handling services and connections for your rail journey to and in Rhineland‑Palatinate is available on our partner site ‘Entdecke Deutschland’ (Discover Germany).

It is particularly fun to cycle along the various routes. But how do you get to the cycling route or back to the point of departure? In Rhineland‑Palatinate, you can conveniently use the RadBus (bike bus) shuttles.

Other tours that can be reached by bus or train can be found here, in the Tourplanner Rhineland-Palatinate.

Virtual Rhineland-Palatinate

Use our Tourplanner Rhineland-Palatinate to explore our beautiful state or plan your next tour here from the comfort of your home. Settle into your armchair or balcony lounger and learn all about Rhineland‑Palatinate with our selection of audio tours, which you can access in the Rhineland-Palatinate tourism App.

Visit our website rlp-tourismus.com/en to find out where to go and what to do to experience the beauty and history of our federal state, the joie de vivre of its people, the numerous winemakers, wine festivals and wine tastings, as well as the many hiking trails, museums, castles and palaces, virtually of course.

Rhineland‑Palatinate in your pocket

Photo: Rheinland-Pfalz Tourismus GmbH



Download the free Rhineland-Palatinate tourism App from the Apple App Store and Google Play. It includes bike and walking tours, accommodation, events, restaurants and attractions.

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